Thursday, July 22, 2010

2 Things

1. Inception

So I saw Inception on Tuesday and goddamn the last thing that made me freak out that much was Avatar.
VERY well done, and I absolutely loved the idea.

It ended up being one of those movies that you need to stay awake and pay attention to every second or else you miss something. It was suspenseful, smart, funny in an offhand way and just SO INCREDIBLY GOOD.

Have I mentioned how fantastic it was yet? If you haven't seen it, WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WAITING FOR.

2. Harel Skaat

29? Really? You lie Wikipedia.

My love for music in languages I can't understand has inevitably led me to Hebrew. It is an absolutely gorgeous language and I can't for the life of me stop listening to Mr. Skaat.

I first heard him on Eurovision and still firmly believe that he should have won. Best male soloist on that stage by FAR.
But this isn't about the eternally entertaining political game that is Eurovision.

Trust me, I have tried to sing along to this. I'm just not meant to attempt Hebrew.

That's all for now,


What's the best place near you to get a drink?

I don't have the slightest idea. I probably should, but I never really made it my mission to figure this out.

Ask me anything

Thursday, July 15, 2010

17th Birthday

I never post these things on time.


So my birthday came and went, and I could not have asked for anything better.
The entire week was fantastic.
I thought my face would crack from smiling so hard.
But I digress,

July 8th was spent watching television (because I can hahahah) and then I made my way to TKD. Which was the highlight of my day, hands DOWN.

I love these kids so hard.

The dream team, minus a few people who didn't make it.
There were some pictures when the shirts came off, but Hellen hasn't posted those up yet. LOL

All, or most of the stuff I got for my birthday. Which includes all the stuff shown above as well as jewellery, and probably some other things I forgot when taking the photo.

There's so much more to say but I think it'll all be redundant.


And clothes. I got a lot of clothes. And a new purse.

I like stripes.
A lot.



There's No Place Like Home.

I got home at around 7:30 pm yesterday from our 3-day camping excursion, which is actually a perfectly long time for me. I'm not much of a camper.
I obviously had to finish drawing the Mucha I started, kudos to the amazing marker paper that Ana got me for my birthday :]

But I did have to conclude that Watkins Glen State Park, New York, is absolutely gorgeous. The Olympic sized pool was nice as well. :]

What a view.

This photo, while dark, also mistakenly shows me as though I have some sort of arm definition.

The heart shaped pool was cute :]



P.S. Birthday pictures will be up soon! :D

Sunday, July 11, 2010


STEPHEN FRY: WHAT I WISH I'D KNOWN WHEN I WAS 18 from Peter Samuelson on Vimeo.

This is absolutely brilliant and well worth a listen.

What a way to move into being 17. hahaha


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

8 things

A birthday gift for one of my best friends, who's birthday is two days after mine.

I was tagged on devART for this a while back but never got around to doing it, so here goes.

8 things you probably don't know about me:

1. I am super super close with my mom. How much I talk to her is probably comparable with how much I talk to my girlfriends.

2. I have a weakness towards the following foods: canned peach halves in syrup, brie cheese, Fuji apples, gummy bears, milk chocolate, The Crescendo Deluxe pizza, rainbow tortellini, and bacon.

3. I was raised listening to Pugacheva, Kirkorov, Gazmanov, Mashina Vremeni, Serduchka, Malinin, Shufutinsky, Lyube, and the like. I'm a bit behind the times when it comes to English music.

4. I have two very prominent birthmarks, one on the right side of where my neck meets my shoulder, and one on my upper inner thigh.

5. Water is my favourite drink. Closely followed by root beer and Nestea.

6. When I get a new CD I listen to it 50 times or so non-stop before getting a little bored.

7. When putting on pants, I always put my right leg through first.

8. Semicolons are my favourite form of punctuation.



Thursday, July 1, 2010

School's out!

My final studio exam.

Not entirely satisfied with this because I would have much rather done it either digitally or in a mix of ink and watercolour.



Yesterday was very productive, but mostly exhausting.
I finished this semester with the highest average that I've had since starting high school, 90.5, which is amazing for me LOL.
My major ended up bringing my entire mark down, but this whole dropping your lowest mark business will probably remedy that.

I also helped out at TKD both as a favour for Master Ko and for my remaining 4.5 volunteer hours XD
It was actually a ton of fun.
As fun as 3.5 hours without AC can be anyways.