Saturday, January 10, 2009

That's what it does to you.

Well let's see, IT'S THE WEEKEND. Even though a good half of it is gone by now, I'm just a bit delayed in updating this blog.
hahahah sorry about that -__-'

Comic is on hiatus until I get some more time to work on it.
With exam week fast approaching, and written and studio exams to live through for both art and media arts, I'm not going to be a very happy camper.

"Fly me to nowhere, it's better than somewhere. That's where I've been and nothing's changed" - "Mercy" - OneRepublic
Just about sums up my feelings on life at the moment. It seems like everything has fallen into an endless pattern of monotony and stress. When even stress becomes monotonous, you know there's something seriously wrong.
Careers final project is done THANK THE LAWD.
I thought I would throw myself off the roof if that thing wasn't done and over with sometime soon.

Well, lifeguard training started up today and it's 3 freaking hours long D:
I have a love/hate relationship with Lifeguard training.
I mean, it's interesting, we learn cool stuff, and it's useful. Plus I need a summer job. badly.
I always end up hauling some creepy 300 lb. guy through the water. And that is SO NOT FUN. Especially when you give up trying to keep him afloat and just drag him vertically through the water while your legs feel like they would like nothing better than to fall off.
And there's the accidental groping and creepy ways in which you have to touch people that inevitably happens when you're practicing CPR and whatnot.

Speaking of creepy ways of touching people, I think my personal bubble has shrunk to more of a form-fitting aura that's about a millimeter away from my skin.
Amazing how far I've fallen.
NOTHING creeps me out anymore.
Thank you Internet for permanently destroying my childhood. Internet and a few choice friends who I am not even sure why I am friends with xD - my arteries are clogging already XDD
Oh my god that looks delicious.
I miss barbeque, and summer.
mostly summer.
This ridiculously cold winter is not making me happy



Thursday, January 1, 2009


Wow well what can i say.
Happy New Year guys.

We made it through another year XD
I believe that I already wrote my reflection on this year in a note on Facebook, and I sure as hell don't plan on doing that again.
Suffice it to say, this Christmas break has gone amazingly better than I thought it would.
I was preparing myself for two weeks of repetative isolation, maybe getting out of the house to go to some movie with my friends once, but wow.
Much fun was had in this week and a half, and I was actually pretty productive.
I am dreading it, so much.
Back to swim practice, back to TKD on a regular schedule, back to math, careers, media arts, and art.
Hope I survive enough to update this blog occasionally.
Peace Out,