Friday, January 29, 2010


Have you ever had it where you don't like someone,
And you know you don't like them,
Like YOU KNOW you don't.
You know it almost as much as you know your hair is brown.

And then you start doubting your hair colour?

~ Lenny

P.S. EXAMS ARE OVER WHOO. Time to hibernate.

Friday, January 15, 2010

I just realized how much I seriously hate graphing. Some things I dislike, like gym class. Some things piss me off, like teen suicide. Some things I hate, like cooked carrots. BUT GRAPHING. GRAPHING needs a category of it's own just so I can fully express my violent homicidal hate towards it. 

I can't wait till the end of math class >_>;

Here's some stills of our documentary/Art Attack Mockery from media arts. I like how it turned out and I may upload it this weekend :]


Sunday, January 10, 2010

My new boyfriend. LOL. I like him for his personality, obviously.

My matchbook jewellery project, a necklace and earrings made from matches, matchbook covers, and wire.

So I started my first NLS class today, and I'm pretty excited for it. 5 hours of swimming is kind of hardcore and I will never get the water out of my ears, that I am sure of. I'm in chlorine so often lately that I literally sweat it. Ugh.
But my class seems alright. The people seem laid back and everyone's got a sense of humour. Which is I guess necessary when you're touching complete strangers. XD

I miss the break :(

Basket Case Menagerie has been updating regularly lately, so you guys should go check out the link on the sidebar on your right if you haven't already :]



Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010, movies, and my two week break.

Well well, tomorrow it's back to school, and I must say, other than the art, I got barely anything accomplished this break XD

I ate like CRAZY. My family makes so much food around the holidays that we have another 2 weeks of eating leftovers XD


So basically starting at the beginning of December, I've went to see The Princess and the Frog, which was AH-MA-ZING. End of story. New Moon, which is only worth watching for Taylor Lautner. That's it. And maybe for the comedic value. Sherlock Holmes I watched on Christmas Day and I loved it. My parents were like "LOL WTF" at the fact that they made it into an action flick, but I enjoyed it quite a bit. I re-watched Amelie, and National Treasure 2 as well.

I finally got around to watching Torchwood: Children of Earth yesterday/half of today. And wow. Just wow. A part of me is glad that I've sat through more than 5 hours straight of it, and a part of me is so so SO disappointed at the ending. I almost cried (Iantoooooo ;_; ). Sara can vouch for the fact that I spent quite a bit of time yelling at the screen like it would change anything. IT WAS SUCH A GREAT 5 OR MORE HOURS. If you guys ever get the chance to watch it, (it's on YouTube) do yourself a favour and do it. It was amazing. No movie/series has ever made me think and be remarkably angry while thinking. And then laugh like crazy and yell at the screen. It. gave. me. shivers. Wow.

I'll shut up for now and pack my stuff.