Sunday, March 22, 2009

of mafias, march break, pain and gang rape

A random sketch that I'm working on at the moment. It'll probably be scrapped in favour of a better one and one that's drawn ON PAPER.
As handy as Photoshop is, I still can not get the hang of drawing in it properly. As much as I love the look of photoshop sketches.

Mmkay so this picture has some meaning to it, as me and Stace are going to go somewhere with a mafia story. Mostly because it's enough gun slinging violence and intrigue to satisfy me, and enough potential for some epic romance to satisfy her.
So in the end, everyone's happy!

We tried writing some part of this story (which I'm assuming will be written like a role play) and Stace game me this:

It was silent.
No one spoke a word after finding out that what happened back there wasnt an accident.

And I responded with:

Len looked at Nikki for a while before speaking.
"What do you mean you left the keys in the car?"

WHICH IS A PERFECT EXAMPLE OF WRITING COMFORT ZONES CLASHING. Trust me to take something serious and make it stupid. I dunno, funny day-to-day human nature stuff is my thing. I can do angst but not without sounding cliched.
And Stace has got the angsty epic romance covered.
Which I am incapable of writing.
So you know, this should be fun.

I've been doing some research on the mafia, and the original Sicilian one, the Cosa Nostra literally translated to "Our Thing" which I LOLed at for a while.

So, it's Sunday.
The last day of March break before we have to drag our asses back to school, and of course that means that all my procrastinator friends will of course be doing homework that was assigned over the course of a week the night before.
I stayed up till about 2 am last night working on my 14 sketchook assignments, and occasionally writing a few sentences for the mafia drabble thing we were doing to keep ourselves occupied and somewhat distracted.

I have officially promoted Friday to being my favourite day of the week.
closely followed by Wednesday, but since Friday is the end of the week, and promises to allow me to sleep in until ungodly hours in the morning/afternoon, FRIDAY WINS.

MMmmmkay now's my time to list what I did this March break in somewhat chronological order.

Monday: Monday I was supposed to hang with my friend Yuliya, but she ended up cancelling and I did nothing but go to TKD as per usual.

Tuesday: Tuesday I ACTUALLY I hung out with my friend Yuliya for literally the first time in a long time. I met two of her friends that decided to ditch us right after the movie, so we spent the entire time spazzing about Tokio Hotel. Even though I've mostly gotten over my obsessive phase. Oh yeah, and we watched "He's Just Not That Into You". Went to TKD for the first time in a long time on a Tuesday (I usually have guitar) and made the stupid mistake of eating right before the class. Almost died/puked. Learned my lesson.

Wednesday: WEDNESDAY I hung out with Nick, Amy, Stace, Sooah, and Sara eventually. Everyone ended up leaving except for me and Ace, so we hoboed outside, talked about um.... boys. And how I'm being dragged to prom. And we got coffee from a vending machine.
I was 5 minutes late meeting my friends, because as I was walking to the entrance of Sq.1, some random lady stopped me with,"Where do you get your hair done?"and I reply with "Oh THIS I did myself".
Even though my bangs are the fault of my mother but I really didn't want to go into detail with a stranger about the hairdresser that I go to. So the lady keeps rambling on about how she had a friend with the same hairstyle, and she looked 20 years younger and she got gang raped and had to leave the country cause they threatened to get her students if she went to the police, and this entire conversation lasted for about 5 minutes.
Keep in mind I have never seen this lady before in my life.
I just nodded every so often with transition phrases like "oh really?" and "That's too bad".I moved my purse over both shoulders and in front of me, and kept glancing breifly around me. Because this type of thing is reaaaaallly common in Ukraine.
One person starts talking and distracts you, and another comes from behind to steal your bag.
The entire time I was going through every self defense move that I learned in TKD. My masters would be so proud. xD
So yeah, that ended with me smiling and saying "I'm gonna go now," and her nodding and going back to smoke and lean against the wall.I'm kinda happy that I didn't have to pull out my phone and pretend to be talking to someone, saying stuff like "Oh I have to go, my boyfriend's waiting for me g2g bye".
So that was.....interesting. I hope my hairstyle doesn't lead to gang rape.
Oh and TKD was cancelled that day because they were getting the floors fixed or something on the kendo side of the gym :(

Thursday: Thursday Alex and Egg came over to my house and we talked about life, played Clue, fooled around on my computer & tablet, and yeah It was great to see those two again. Oh yeah and we ended up biking uphill to Alex's house twice :(
Had to kick those two out of my house at about 6, by the time I got back from walking/biking to Alex's house, it was 6:30 so went straight to TKD.
EASIEST CLASS IN THE HISTORY OF EVER DEAR LORD. Even though my abs hurt, my legs hurt, and yeah just about everything hurt like a bitchface.

Friday: FRIDAY was strange. It was a welcome break from all of the malling and Sq. 1 visits that I had been doing for the majority of March break. I just chilled, drew some crap, tried writing some pointless things, and yeah just generally chilled and took a day to myself. Amy just about BEGGED me to come to TKD early because she can't take the adult class on Fridays anymore. And me being the enormous pushover that I am, decided that I might as well get some art stuff done in the 45 minute class.
But noooooooooooooooo. Amy happened to be THE ONLY ONE THERE. And I couldn't let her take the class by herself, being the great friend that I am. Even though I was still sore from TUESDAY I dragged my ass back to the changeroom and ended up taking the early class. YAY. *sarcasm*
Arfgh so anyways, that class wasn't particularly hard until we had to do about 10 sit ups and I'm pretty sure I was in severe blinding pain that I do not remember anymore. I'm pretty sure that there was a reason for that. Mmkay so then the adult class started and I realized I was the only one there.
This might have been my 3rd private class in a row, and I'm kind of on the fence about them still. I hate big classes, but literally being the ONLY ONE THERE besides the masters is a bit intimidating.
But it was fun, and that concluded the weekday porch of my March break.

Saturday I spent being sore and irritable since my neck and shoulders hurt like a bitch. Oh and I got a new jacket. yay :]

Okay that's enough rambling from me.



Friday, March 13, 2009


1)Will you answer these questions honestly?
No I'm going to lie through my teeth. enjoy.

2) Name: Lenny
3) Birthday: July 8
4) Birthplace: Kiev
5) Hair Colour: Brown
6) Eye Colour: Brown
7) Favourite Colour: blue and green

Your Best Friend
Their name: Alex
9) Do you hang out? Not as much as I'd like to
10) Ever been to their house? Too many times to count.
11) Go to the same school? no :(
12) Do you know when their birthday is? If so, When is their Birthday? Um yes. June 12.
13)Do you know their secrets? The ones he bothers to share with me, yes.
14)Do they know your secret? The ones I tell him, yes.
15)Are they smart? Yes
16) Do they know where you live? obviously
17) How do they go to school? walk and I guess his mom drives him.
18) Do you have friends that are her friends? yep
19)Name something you like that she likes? squirrels
20) Name something he likes but you dislike? mechs
21)When is the next time you hangout? next week
22)How long are their hair? medium length ish?
23)Who has longer hair, you or them? Me.

24)Are they smart? LOLL. if they are I have no knowledge of this.
25)Does their name starts with an F? um. no.
26)Does their first name consist of 7 letters? .....maybe.
27)When was the last time you talked to them? Wednesday
28)Received any hugs? from him? yes. :]
29) Do you have their facebook? yes
30)How about their MSN? um nope.
31)Their phone number? yes LOL.
32)Are they younger or older? older
33)Hair colour? brown? dirty blonde?
34 What does their first name start with? I refuse to disclose this information
35)Have you given them anything? um. nothing significant that I can remember.
36)Have they given you anything? see above.
37)Do they think your stupid? LOLL. occasionally. probably.
38)Do they know that you like them? no. But i get the feeling that they suspect something
39) Do you think that they like you? um. I'm scared to think. I hope so.

40) What time is it? 5:30 pm
41) Most visited website? google/gmail/deviantart
42)Lefty or righty? righty!
43) What was your dream last night about? I didn't really dream. I just kinda conked out and ended up being almost late for school.
44)What colour would you like your hair to be? maybe dark green JK JK. I like my hair colour as it is.
45 Ready for more? more what?

Life is great again