Friday, October 31, 2008


I'll probably update this post later after me and Amy go on our fantasmagoric adventure, but this is just an excuse to post pictures.
I changed the colour of my eyes in Photoshop in the picture on the left, to make them look more like Rilly's natural eye colour
The pic on the right isn't edited at all.
Peace Out,

Monday, October 27, 2008

Got my pink wiiiiiiig.

Alright alright, so yesterday, I got my pink wig.
and in short.
I love it. I really do XD
I kind of look like I've mistaken my ipod for my cell phone, but in reality, I'm just holding my wig straight.
And holding my Ipod XDD

I've gotten some pretty hilarious comments on the pink hair as I've posted that picture as my MSN display.

The most popular being: "OMG IT'S KELLY"
As much as I love Kelly, she doesn't have some kind of copyright on pink hair. XD

"OMGSHHH you look like one of those Euro transvestite pop stars!"

"WHY ARE YOU SO HOT? You make pink hair WORK."

"THAT'S HOT. Your Dp looks like a skinny Russian girl, and I don't tell that to everyone"

"You know, it actually looks good. You should keep it"
(I GAPED when I read this one. Cookies to who knows why)



"Reminds me of that annoying thing from Lazy Town"


and so forth.
I'll post pictures of my full costume/makeup after I finish it and take pictures on Halloween.

Peace Out,


Friday, October 24, 2008

TKD test update. and you know, life in general.

Yet Regardless if you love them, hate them, wish they would die or know that you would die without matters not. 
Because once in your life, whatever they were to the world, they became everything to you.
- A chain letter that Sooah sent to me. 



This is what happened at my TKD belt test yesterday.

Around last period, which is math, i felt like I was going to be sick. Seriously. Had to go to the washroom, walk around and calm down. 
I was so nervous. 

But then I started doing the stupid mixture equations, and was too distracted and frustrated to think about it too much. 
I went home, ate, and felt fine. 

Out TKD teacher told us to come early so we could stretch and warm up and all that stuff. 
So the test, which started at 6 pm, I showed up at 5:30 pm.
And I felt nervous all over again.
And made the mistake of talking to Michael before the test. 
And note to self, that's the worst idea ever. 
I think he might have been attempting to calm me down. didn't work. only threw me into full-blown panic mode. 
So I was working on my 4th pattern, and my failure of a side kick, and I had a teacher all to myself, since nobody of my belt colour had bothered to show up that early. 
and the conversation went something like this:
me: "So, what else do I have to do for the test?"
"Just sparring"
"Craaaaaaaaaap. Who am I sparring?"
"............WHAT?!?!?!?! D:>"

And then he just laughed, and said "It's okay, I'll go easy on you"
As if that helps. 

Fast forward to me hyperventilating in a corner. 
I got the apparently reassuring pat on the shoulder repeatedly from just about everyone, and I of course almost fell over. 
Cause I'm a klutz and was panicking. 

Then Alex showed up with his sister. 
I felt a little bit better, I was so happy to see him considering that the last time had been somewhere in August?

And then Sooah showed up, followed by a mini-mob of my friends. 
And holy shit I felt so much better when I saw them all. 
somewhat more calm. 

I think I was panicking because Amy wasn't there for the first time. She would have slapped some sense into me. 
Thank God for Amy. 
At least she was there in spirit.

And I didn't end up having to spar full-contact. 

Okay I think I'm like going through withdrawal symptoms or something. 
I feel weird and nervous if I don't get my daily dose of...him. 
Not nauseous necessarily, but the kind of stomach clenching nervous that I get right before saying a speech or right before waiting for my heat to be called up in a swim meet. 

But as soon as I'm back, it's all good again. 


Wtf Lenny. wtf. 
stupid stupid stupid. 

And about the quote at the top of this, I just felt like it was appropriate. 
And so true that it's sad. 


Peace Out, 


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Book cover/politics/ick.

I am bored, more than anything else hahahahaha. 

I feel horrible how my comic is like on hiatus. 
until further notice anyway, 

School is eating up my life, 
and that's just uncool. 
It's been project after project and that's just annoying. 

Here's my media arts book cover for my comic BCM xD
yay for making a school project into a personal one!
Natasha and Sarah take the front cover this time, i'll probably churn out some more once I hit the 20 comic page mark. 
PFFT. as if that would ever happen. 
I started this in like late July, and I have 4 comic done XDDD fail. 

In slightly less whiny news, 

Tories won the election?
Minority government, as was expected .

Unfortunately, that sucks. 

Hell they all suck, 
I support the blue more than I support the rest of the self-righteous political atrocities that Canada calls parties. 

If NDP can to power, I'm seriously consider leaving the country. 
We've had enough bullshit to last us a lifetime Mr Layton. 
Try focusing less on your moustache and more on your morals. 

Hahahaha apparently the Bloc got more votes than the Greens. that makes me laaaaaaugh. and of course, Gilles Duceppe is freaking HILARIOUS. 
he exists for the sole reason of irritating the hit out of the rest of the parties. 
Political rant over. 
I'm being self-righteous and opinionated because I have Civics this semester. It'll all be over soon my friends. 

: D

Peace Out, 


Friday, October 10, 2008


The world hates me. 

My comp won't let me access DA from my home computer. 
Stupid decrepit Windows 98. 
Go die already so I have an excuse to go cry to my parents. 

AND as the cherry on the cake/ice cream/whatever, I managed to forget to send my media project to myself, and I feel like killing someone. 

All I have done is the background, leaving me nothing to do considering the fact that I can't get the pressure sensitivity/pen pressure to work on this iMac. I hate Macs. 

On the other hand it's Amy's birthday today. 
I wish her much love and happiness. Or at least lots of lulz. 

And on a slightly less angry and more depressed note, the band is pretty much in the toilet. 
We ended up in the type of situation everyone promised never to get into. 
I'm probably going to have to end up having to choose sides in an argument that I really don't want to be a part of. 

Fuck teenage drama and it's hormones. 

And I was actually kinda looking forward to being in a band. 

I've been moping around lately and there's like nothing worth reading. AT ALL. 
It seems like I've already been through absolutely everything that's ever been good on the internet. 


But all in all it's been a good day. 
pfft. well. 
I hope it'll turn into a good day at some point. 

Peace Out,