Friday, May 15, 2009


Has anyone told you they would never leave and left?
- ALMOST. It was so damn close to happening and it didn't. And that makes me overjoyously happy

Do you find it cute when boys/girls call you cute names?
- Depends what you consider cute.. "baby" "babe" and other such derivatives are a NO. a resounding NO. But you know, I'd probably be eating my words on this later.

Can you walk into a room full of strangers and maintain your confidence?
- I can LOOK like I have some confidence. Inside I'd be effing terrified.

Where did you get the shirt you're wearing?
- Grade 8 grad.

Who was the last person you hugged?
- I'm pretty sure it was Amy.

When's the last time you fell asleep watching a movie?
- History class second period today. I TRIED TO STAY AWAKE I DID. But lack of sleep got to me

Have you ever quoted a line from a movie?
- Oh yeah, all the time. "I'll be back" is my most overused one.

Is it warm outside?
- Uhh it's alright 15 degrees or so?

Who was last to cook for you?
- My mommy :]

Did the last person you kissed have a tattoo?
- I think I was 6 yeard old at the time, so wow probably not.

Is there a friend you can't stand?
- Sometimes.

Do you think it is disgusting for girls to drink alcohol and get drunk?
- It's amusing, but not particularly attractive.

Would you rather hang with a bunch of girls or boys?
- That really depends on the people. Like hanging out with the hobos (at least the female ones) is awesome for me if I want to talk boys or random shit, but I'm perfectly fine with talking to guys. Guys usually have less drama.

Would you ever be close friends with someone who is completely different than you?
- Well, I'm horribly infatuated with someone who's completely different from me. And some of my friends are indeed drastically different from me. So I guess so.

Have you ever liked someone that was in a relationship?
- Yes. But in my defense, I had no ideas that he was in a relationship.

Do you like being around a large group of friends, or two best friend?
- It really doesn't matter, but sometimes you get to know two people much better than you do in a large group.

Have you ever been pressured to do drugs by friends?
- LOL I have my morals, and I don't hang around with drug addicts.

Do you laugh at things most people don't find funny?
- Oh yeah. All the time. My parents think that I'm crazy.

How many cell phones have you had in your life?
- 1.

Has someone ever spread a nasty rumor about you?
- Yeah, it was pretty amusing.

Is there a girl that knows everything or mostly everything about you?
- Yeaaaah. She probably knows too much >_>;

Do you trust people easily?
- Um, I guess so. Once you fuck up, then no.

Do you and your friends have code words for things?
- Yeah we're kind of stupid like that. It's usually people though

If you can go back in time and change something, would you?
- No. I think I did pretty good. Or if I did change something, it was to bash some semblance of courage into me.

Are you talking to anyone on AIM/MSN? Who?
- Well now, I'm talking to Sara.

Are you afraid of losing something/someone?
- Yes.

Do you ever get "goodmorning" texts from anyone?
- yes, but most people learned that "good morning" had better be followed with a damn good reason for waking me up.

Wheres your next vacation going to be?
- Somewhere in Canada methinks.

Do you prefer to call or text?
- Text. There are so few people that I feel comfortable talking to, and the first 10 seconds of a phone conversation terrify me to no end.

Has anyone ever called you baby, with meaning?
- LOL NO. Unless I actually was a baby at the time, and they were pointing out the obvious "OMG IT'S A BABY"

Would you ever get a tattoo?
- Oh yeah. But I'm going to wait till I know exactly what of. It's going to be perfect, and completely mine.

Do you know anyone that has a tattoo? Who?
- Half the people at TKD.

Last person who called you? When?
- My dad, yesterday, telling me that he was in the parking lot.

Last time you donated money?
- I think it was for Epilepsy research, a while ago, since as a teenager I am perpetually broke.

How many friends do you have that don't smoke?
- How bout....just about all of them?

The last time you fell down the stairs, where were they leading to?
- second floor of my house >_>;

What do you own with zebra print on it?
- uhhh nothing. Maybe a stuffed animal zebra, but I'm not sure of that

If you have a garage, how many cars fit in it?
- One, and just barely ._.

Do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
- Wasn't I already?

What is your relationship status?
- Siiiiiiiiingle. Come to think of it, it's never really been otherwise.

Has anyone ever sang to you?
- Yeah, I love it when people do that. Even if it's some retarded song that will haunt my brain for the next two weeks.

What color are your eyes?
- Brown.

Do you like funny people or serious people?
- I love people who have reached an equilibrium. But usually funny people.

Do you prefer facebook or socialsplash?
- I've never heard of socialsplash in my life.

Which is prettier, a sunrise or a sunset?
- A sunset cause I'd be awake to see it.

Where was your default picture taken?
- (on Fbook) Paul Potts Concert, waiting in line for an autograph.

What's your normal bedtime?
- Around 11:30.


1. Where is the boy you like now?
- Probably doing something far more interesting with his time than I am.

2. What were you doing Friday night?
- You mean right now? Filling out this quiz. Last friday night? I was freaking out a little since it happened to be the greatest Friday in history.

Name something you did yesterday?

4. Last person you text messaged?
- Eggplant

5. Who was the last person to call you?
- Sheesh, I've answered this question like 6 times.

6. What are you doing right now?
- About to go take a shower.

7. Next time you travel out of the country where will it be to?
- teh US OF A

8. What color are your eyes?
- brown brown brown

9. Are you allergic to anything?
- Penicillin. I probably spelled the wrong but still. Also, I'm probably not allergic to it, but cigarette smoke, I start asphyxiating and coughing like crazy when i smell it.

10. Are you waiting for a reply ?
- yes, and I'm trying to stop myself from obsessing.

11. Last place you ordered food from?
- Caf. Pasta day :]

12. Who was the last person you shared a bed with?
- I think it was my mom

13. What color is your hair?
- Brown for the most part, lighter and darker shades of, some blondish pieces.

14. What are you planning to do after this ?
- laze around till my head hits the keyboard, and wish that I had a nice boyfriend to carry me over to my bed, but instead I'll have to do it myself.

15. Would you kiss the 2nd last person you kissed again ?
- no no no and again NO.

16. Who knows a secret or two about you?
- A couple of kids that occupy most of my time.

17. When was the last time you lied?
- ehmm I honestly can't remember. Maybe when I wrote my analytical paragraph on a book I hadn't actually finished reading for english.

18. Current song ?
- currently playing? uhh that would be "Tonight I love you" - The Latency

19. Last picture taken ?
- One with Eggplant and me looking like twins.

20. What is your favorite drink?
- Water water water. I also love tea, iced tea, cream soda and root beer.

21. What do you wear more, jeans or sweats?
- Jeans, hahaha I only own one pair of sweatpants.

22. Where did you get the shirt you’re wearing now?
- uhh no idea. It's a Calvin Klein pj t shirt

23. Have you ever wanted to be a teacher?
- no never.

24. Is there anyone you're jealous of?
- Not really

25. Have any regrets?
- Oh yeah. I should have kissed him.

26. Where were you doing 1 hour ago?
- hmmm sitting here checking me email.

27. Where were you 8 hours ago?
- at school.

28. Has anyone ever told you that they like you more than as a friend?
- yeah. Too bad it never led anywhere.

29. Is cheating ever okay?
- No. cheating is never okay. except maybe on tests :]

30. Who was the last person you rode in a car with?
- My dad :]

31. What are you looking forward to?
- Sleeping for 12 hours straight. Victoria Day. Wednesday.

32. Have you kissed anyone in the past week?
- no I have not

33. What are you listening to?
- "Waking Up in Vegas" - Katy Perry

34. Song line?
- "I thought my heart was bulletproof, but now I'm dancing on the roof"

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I SHOULD be doing english

How much older is the person you're currently interested in?
- *coughs* Why are these damn questions so perceptive? A couple years short of a decade. That's how much older.

Remember the first time you kissed the last person you kissed?
- Uhh you mean the only person I kissed? yes.

Has that person said they love you in the past week?
- I haven't seen them in years.

What would you do if you found out the person you like was in a relationship?
- I....wouldn't be surprised. Maybe it'd convince me to get over him and get on with my life, but MORE likely, It'll probably crush me heart and soul.

Do you get on with girls?
- Get.....on? HUH?

Do you think that someone is thinking about you right now?
- The laws of probability dictate it to be so. But I highly doubt it.

How long do you have until your birthday?
- 8 weeks and 8 days. So about two months.

Has anyone ever seen you in just your underwear?
- Probably my gym class, the whole swim team, and I dunno, people at TKD? I spend a lot of time in changerooms apparently >_>;
But of course you mean someone significant of the opposite sex. In which case, no.

Who did you last talk to in person?
- I think it was my father. Thanked him for the food. Since I can not cook and would be lost without my parents U_U;

Do you want your tongue pierced?
- OH GOD NO. D:>

Are there any bruises on your body?
- I have like 3 on my right ankle, another few on my shins, and one on my upper thigh. So mostly on my legs. Must. stop. kicking. elbows.

Last awkward moment?
- LOLLL Last night ;)

How late did you stay up last night?
- uhh about 11:30, at which time I spontaneously said goodbye to 6 different people on MSN and logged out and went to sleep. In the span of 2 minutes.

When did you last cry?
- When I was like.....11/12 ish?

How are you feeling?
- Tired, stressed, worried, apprehensive.

Kissed someone in the past twenty-four hours?
- no I have not.

Do you like hugs?
- Adore them

Who was the most recent text from?
- Alex

Do you change your top friends alot?
- No, I'm not sure why I have a top friends app anyways. I have like 4 people tied for first and like 4 more tied for second.

Are you playing hard to get right now?
- If I am, it's not intentional. I'm trying to be blatantly obvious but my dignity prevents me from doing so.

Has anybody ever told you that you have pretty eyes?
- My asian friends are jealous of my eye SHAPE, and the fact that I have the whole double eyelid deal, but nobody once told me that my eyes are PRETTY

When is the next time you will see your closest friend?
- No clue really, whenever we decide to get together during the weekend or something

What are you doing tommorow?
- presenting english powerpoint, handing in science, and you know. the usual. TKD, get people to sign card.

What are you doing after this?

Who was the last person you had a 7 minute phone conversation with?
- Well the last person I talked to I had an hour and a half long convo with. so a bit more than 7 minutes.

What is your worst subject in school?
- The one I'm the worst at? Geography and as soon as we get to Biology in Science, that.

Are you a bad influence?
- probably LOL no actually I'm a model child (amazingly enough)

Have you spoken to your mother today?
- yep, why wouldn't I? It would be weird if I had not.

Do you think you're wasting your time on the person you like?
- I....really don't know. I wish I knew. But I don't. All I know is that I really care about him.

Will you talk to the person you like tonight?
- No.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

20 people.

Can you name 20 people off the top of your head?

1. Alex
2. Eggplant
3. Amy
4. Sarface
5. Ace
6. Mr. Sparkle
7. Olivia
8. Pat
9. Sooah
10. Alex C
11. Robert
12. Sinthu
13. Jessica
14. Veronica
15. Allison
16. Zack
17. Devyn
18. Kelly
19. Zoey
20. Yuliya

-How did you meet 10 (Alex C)? Second semester lunch :]

-What would you do if you had never met 6 (Mr. Sparkle)? Go along with life as per usual I guess. But I swear life would not have been anywhere near as awesome.

-What would you do if 19 (Zoey) and 15 (Allison) dated? First off, not believe them, then laugh so hard I'd pee my pants.

-If you could marry between 6 (Mr. Sparkle)and 14 (Veronica) who will it be? MR. SPARKLE. HANDS DOWN. (sorry veronica)

-Would 4 (Sarface) and 12 (Sinthu) make a good couple? LOL NO. They'd probably end up killing each other.

-Would number 1 (Alex) and 2 (eggplant) make a good couple? LMAO YES YES YES. : D

-Do you like 12 (Sinthu)? Yeah she's awesome. :]

-Tell me something about 17 (Devyn): She's kinda sorta understatedly awesome. And we spend nowhere near as much time together as we used to.

-What's 7 (Olivia)'s favourite colour? No idea. Blue?

-What would you do if 1 (Alex) just confessed they loved you? Ask them repeatedly if they were serious. And probably laugh.

-When was the last time you talked to number 15 (Allison)? On MSN? Thursday. In real life? I lost track.. OH about a week and a half ago?

-How do you think 16 (Zack) feels about you? Uhhh. I think he feels more than I want him too.

-What language does 13 (Jessica) speak? English?

-Who is 2 (Eggplant)going out with? Nobody as far as I know.

-How old is 16 (Zack)? 17?

-What is 5 (Ace)s favorite music? Dance/Electronica/Asian stuff

-Would you ever date 3 (Amy)? In a heartbeat.

-Is 11 (Robert) single? Yep. With good reason. jk jk.

-What is 10 (Alex C)s last name? Chang

-Would you ever want to be in a serious relationship with 9 (Sooah)? Nah, I don't think I could stand the heartbreak. She'd get bored of me in about a week.

-Where does 18 (Kelly) live? I don't know but I'm pretty sure I've been there >_>;

-What do you think about 20 (Yuliya)? I think she's pretty cool, even though her standards and her taste in guys is questionable.

-What is the best thing about 4 (Sarface)? BEST: her blonde-ness

-What would you like to tell 14 (veronica) right now? Uhhhh nothing really.

-How did you meet 9 (Sooah)? Lunch/swim practice

-What is the best and worst thing about 19 (Zoey)? BEST: how gullible she is WORST: how gullible she is

-Are you going to know 5 (Ace) forever? YES. WE SHALL GROW OLD AND WRINKLY TOGETHER.

-Is number 12 (Sinthu) the love of your life? Pretty Much.

-Is number 8 (Pat) the most gorgeous person you have ever met? Ahhh, well since I haven't met Bill yet, he probably has a fighting chance.

-Who is number 18 (Kelly)? kelly....