Monday, May 23, 2011

Springfest 2011

May 19, 2011. Aching feet, grumbling stomach, half-delirious imitations of a decapitated millipede on the drama room floor, panic, root beer milkshakes, and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.
That's the best I can do to sum it up.

SO. A recap of springfest and the stuff I had displayed.

Nicole's jars and my drug drawings.

"Choose Wisely"
Dramatic angle time.

Panel 1.

Panel 2.

Panel 3.

View from the stairwell. Back at like 6ish, when the natural light was streaming in, it was absolutely gorgeous. Too bad I didn't get a picture :(


"I'll Assemble All the Sand"

- watercolour

Didactic Panel

"One In a Million"

- ink on illustration board

"Aut Inveniam Viam Aut Faciam/Either I Shall Find a Way or Make One"

- ink on illustration board


- oil on canvas

The art stairwell that I basically called dibs on.

"Show Them What You're Made Of" (otheriwise known as my never-ending love affair with carbs)

- wheat on poster board

"Performance Piece 2"

All in all, a resounding success of a night :D

I'm gonna miss you, graduating talent of '11




Sinthusized said...

wonderful art! congrats on your last cawthra park springfest! <3

Sinthusized said...

ps what is in the actual jars? I think one is an apple right?

Lenny said...

ahhhh I can't believe it's actually the last one :(

Uhm I think it was an apple and possibly some kinds of maggots? It wasn't my piece and I didn't set it up, I don't rememberrrr D:

Sinthusized said...

eww maggots? real ones?lol

Lenny said...

Hahah yep